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Do you ever feel panic or dread when tax season is looming?

“Taxes” have never been an inviting topic – we can all relate to that queasy feeling that comes with tax season.  But be sure to mark on next year’s calendar, “NO TAX DREAD,” because we are going to dispel the common fears and myths that surround the scary topic of “taxes.”


Can I Deduct This Meal as a Business Expense?

There is so much tax jargon thrown around, such as “directly related and associated with” or “ordinary and necessary.”  It can be pretty confusing, and it is difficult to assess what qualifies as an expense.  The good news: once you sift through the terminology, you’ll likely find that you can deduct more than you expected when it comes to business meals.  The business meal deduction has been supersized!


Does Claiming a Home Office Deduction Increase My Chances of Being Audited?

The simple answer is, “yes.”  Unfortunately, the IRS is always speculating and trying to find red flags.  However, the home office deduction red flag is easily avoided.  With the proper tax preparation, the IRS will have no reason to come sniffing.


Are IRAs Really the Best Retirement Investment Vehicle?

IRAs have been popularized over the last several decades.  Most wealth management advisors will (not so subtly) encourage you to invest ASAP.  IRAs certainly have their benefits, but it’s important to not simply trust the conventional wisdom.  Through a cost-benefit analysis, you many find that IRAs are not as appealing as you’ve been told.

Are you paying too much for Taxes?

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