Tax services unlike your parents accounting firm. Tax strategy is our specialty. We do the thinking for you so you can focus on running your business. With a dedicated team including a Client Ambassador, tax preparer, accountant and payroll specialist specifically assigned to your account, Randy will work with your family throughout the year to build your most lucrative and successful financial future. We choose to work with those that will partner with us looking to grow their businesses and not pay $1 more in tax than legally required.

Our Servicess

Income Offset Strategies

When your taxes have been completed in the past, did you drop off your shoe box of receipts, a folder of documents, and hear from your CPA once a year? If so, how did that person know if anything was missing, if something could have been done to help your tax outcome, or if you were taking full advantage of the generous tax code? It is impossible with that model. Unless you have read the tens of thousands of pages of the code, we guarantee you have missed opportunities. With strategy calls throughout the year, you’ll benefit from experts in tax, protection, income offset, and financial strategy available to all of our members.

Tax Preparation

Taxes should not be about April 15th, but a yearly process of utilizing strategy, deductions, and the tax code to financially steward your family and your business allowing you to use your money as you see best. A service offered to all members, tax preparation can be a stand-alone service or added to a membership tier.

Payroll Processing

Are you taking payroll from your business or just distributions? Maybe you don’t even know! Not taking payroll can be detrimental to your business and tax outcome. With multiple benefits from taking payroll including avoiding “unreasonable wage”, payroll is a must for you and your family through your business.


Do you know your financials top to bottom? Is your P&L updated bi-weekly? Do you have full-time access to a dedicated accountant to answer your questions? You should. TBH Tax provides accounting services for all of your businesses which you can access at any time. Having your books done correctly is the key to great tax results. A business without proper bookkeeping is setting up for failure.

Family CFO

Take your family and your business a step further with Randy as your CFO. Services at this level give you the most access and time with your team to most quickly repair, build and grow your finances and reduce your tax. In addition to all accounting services, working with a CFO provides additional strategy implementation and guidance you will not get anywhere else.

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Check Out Our Bundles

Whether your business just needs tax strategy or your family is ready for a CFO team, we have a bundle to serve your needs.

Family CFO Service Bundle

Take your family and your business a step further with Randy as your CFO. Services at this level give you the most access and time with your team to most quickly repair, build and grow your finances and reduce your tax. In addition to all accounting services, working with a CFO provides additional strategy implementation and guidance you will not get anywhere else.


Your most elite CFO services are offered through our Kevlar bundle. A bigger portfolio requires a bigger team and broader strategies. Meet with Randy on your time and benefit from in-person time proven to accelerate your growth and financial freedom.

Randy Boll

Founder & CVO

Randall Boll, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CRPS, CLTC, ABA, TEP, is known as a thought-leader in the industry and one of the nations top tax and financial strategists. In the last decade since starting his business, he has grown a family office to a nation-wide firm specialized in providing small business owners with the strategies only otherwise known to the super-wealthy. His strategies have legally saved clients over $100M in taxes.

Randy is based out of Wyoming but also lives in Tennessee and Texas along with his two beautiful children, the best dog in the world, and four cats. Outside of building his 8 multi-million-dollar businesses, he loves hanging with his kids, golfing, playing pickleball and trying new wines and bourbons.

Randy Boll is his name, beating Uncle Sam is his game!

Meet The Team

Jessie Phillips

Managing Director

Jessie Phillips is from North Carolina but moved to the Nashville, Tennessee area in 2018. She is a wife to an amazing husband, mom to four beautiful children, and a fur-mom to two energetic puppies. She enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her family as often as possible. Jessie attended Appalachian State University and has twenty years of business analysis and leadership development. She has been involved with several clubs including Jaycees and Junior League. Additional community involvement where she volunteers is with local youth programs, pregnancy care centers, Children’s Miracle Network and as a domestic violence advocate for family services. Her passion is to contribute, encourage, and strengthen people by equipping them with resources and tools that lead to rewarding outcomes, personalized to the needs and desires of their overall happiness and stability. Jessie’s priority is to build solid relationships that foster confidence and trust. She measures her success by the success of those she helps.

Terry Wallace

Manager of Tax and Accounting

Terry Wallace is a seasoned tax professional with over 20 years’ experience. Terry works to reduce tax burdens, stay current on tax changes, help with strategies and business set-up, works on IRS payment plans, abatements and all Federal and State tax matters. Terry is an accomplished Financial Professional with deep and progressive experience in all facets of accounting and financial management as a respected leader in his field. Terry has successfully partnered with CFOs, private equity companies and auditors as well as holding several roles as a controller. In addition, Terry also established and operated his own consulting practice. His expertise spans financial reporting, analysis and forecasting, strategy development, budget management and auditing.
Terry graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Jones International University with his MBA and received his BBA from Southwest Texas State. Terry loves all sports and is a season ticket holder to NASCAR and the University of Texas college football. Terry has a small ranch in Texas with cattle, goats, dogs, cats and tortoises. Terry has been happily married to his Jr. High School sweetheart for over 35 years, raised 3 kids and has 6 grandkids.

Summer Blake

Manager of Client Services

Summer Blake is originally from southeast Arkansas, but made the move to middle Tennessee in 1998 and has called it home ever since. She has 4 teenagers and a vast array of animals. Summer graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree concentrating in Business Communication and Management. She has over 25 years’ experience in sales, management, customer service and administration. Whether leading a team or working with clients, she is constantly striving to educate and make everyone’s experience one of growth and success. When not working, Summer enjoys game nights with her kids, a good weekend binge on Netflix or a fun fall college football game.